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 Art and Nature, reflects a time, expression of the changing tastes: gardens and parks are fragile and often unknown witnesses of our past.

There are hundreds of castles and manor houses in Normandy which are all surrounded by a park, there are also gardens created by artists or great public parks ...

Circuit: Caen - Fontaine-Henry - Brécy - Bayeux

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In the Men's Abbey, Caen (XIs.) is the tomb of William the Conqueror. The square in front of the abbey enorgueuillit one of the most beautiful flower plantations in the region.The Chateau de Fontaine-Henry is inhabited by the same family since the sixteenth century. and is a typical example of a Renaissance castle against normand.Brécy by its own gardens to française.Terminez the day with a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry which tells the saga of the conquest of England on an embroidery of 70m, a contemporary of William the Conqueror.

Track: Granville - Coutances - Mont Saint Michel

Walk past the castle of Ballymena going towards Coutances (cathedral) and Granville. Visit the park and the house of Christian Dior.

Stop in Avranches to visit the city park where you can enjoy superb views over the bay of Mont Saint Michel. Maybe you choose a nocturnal visit to the abbey of Mont Saint Michel in the light of candles and torches, with large fires in the fireplaces and the musical accompaniment.

The landing beaches

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GRANVILLE 80 minutes from the Hotel

Located in an exceptional setting that has inspired many painters

To see the highest tides in Europe and the Christian garden DIO

HONFLEUR 45 minutes from the Hotel Beau Rivage

At the age of sixteen, Monet met Eugène Boudin native of Honfleur, the latter already painted outdoors. In the same region, also stays the painter Jongkind and he paints with them.

While studying in Paris, Monet met the enfants terribles of the painting: Courbet, Corot, Sisley, Pissarot, Renoir ... and leads to Honfleur, Saint Simeon Farm

To see: the old basin and its port, the salt cellar and the Musée Eugène Boudin

Deauville / Trouville 35 minutes

Many impressionists have painted in these places. Eugene Boudin at Trouville died, all reasons to stop by if these two famous resorts and the beaches, sea and sky have inspired so many painters.

To see:

- The picturesque port of Trouville


- Major hotels and the Casino

CABOURG 25 minutes

Monet also painted the famous resort of Cabourg and its "Grand Hotel" overlooking the beach, this is the era of big baths MerA see walking along the beach, the "Grand Hotel" and Casino.

CAEN 15 minutes from the Hotel Beau Rivage

Abandon the Impressionists and some will take a tour of the city founded by William the Conqueror.

To see:

- The Men's Abbey (St Etienne) built in memory of William the Conqueror

- The Abbaye aux Dames built in memory of Queen Matilda

- The Castle, its gardens, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Normandy

- Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy

BAYEUX 25 minutes from the Hotel

In the footsteps of William the Conqueror, he must see the Tapestry of Queen Mathilde, measuring seventy feet long and recounting the saga of William the Conqueror.

To see nearby: HENRY FOUNTAIN, beautiful Renaissance castle and the landing beaches.